Workbench Tools


In the selection mode, you can select, copy and delete whole circuit parts.

Selecting is done either via direct clicks a component (additive with SHIFT key pressed at the same time) or with a selection frame (likewise additive if SHIFTS is pressed) – to be selected a component only needs to touch by the frame and does not need to completly inside the frame. Click and pull to a selected component moves the entire selection. If you hold thereby the CTRL key (similarly as with moving individual components, see above), the wire ends and components in the selection will connect with other wire ends and connectors to.

If you choose the selection mode, the component menu disappears and a submenu with the following points appears:

  • Copy: Copy the selection.
  • Paste: Paste a copy of the selection, and becomes at the same time the new selection, so that you can move it around.
  • Erase: Delete the selection.
  • Relsel.: (Reselect) the previous selection becomes the current selection again (in case you loose the selection, which after a paste of a large circuit would be particularly annoying).

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