Temporal phenomena

The simulation concept of LogiFlash makes possible also the view of temporal phenomena such as Hazards and Races. For this the theoretical concepts of the ideal and slow-acting delay section have been implemented as gates.

While the ideal delay section retards detailed signals at a certain time, the slow-acting delay section swallows additionally signals, whose duration is not larger than the delay time set.

The remaining gates have in each case an ideal delay time of a time step.


With the Logic Analyzer (sort of a digital oscilloscope) you can observe the temporal procedures in detail.

You can either attach directly a wire to one of the entrances (as in the example below, in the small oscillating circuit above left), or a probe on a wire to pull.


In the example below you see all delay section variations of LogiFlash, whereby you can edit the delay durations directly. On the bottom right you will see another example of dynamic hazards.


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